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Ericka Igess -Trustee



Ericka Igess, a dedicated member of UWUA Local 18007, began her career in 2012 as a material-handler before advancing to the Material Deliverer position. In 2022, she embraced the role of Union Steward, championing member rights and collective interests. Recently elected as Trustee in November 2023, Ericka is steadfast in her commitment to fostering honest and transparent collective bargaining. Known for her resilience, composure under pressure, and commitment to workplace safety and operational efficiency, she has become a leading advocate for these issues.


Her mission as Trustee is to amplify the collective voice of the people; ensuring that every member is heard, respected, and treated fairly. Ericka's dedication to listening, advocating, and speaking up for the members of 18007 exemplifies her role as a dynamic and empathetic leader. She champions the ideals of solidarity and unity, believing that a robust and united front is essential for the welfare of all members. As she often says, she is not just a voice in the crowd but the voice of the people, calling on her colleagues to support a more cohesive and empowered 18007. 

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