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Member Spotlight:
Cesar Arreola Sandoval

This is Cesar Arreola Sandoval, a recent Dawson Graduate and proud Local 18007 member. On Monday
May 15, 2023, his routine B-box turn on, and changed into saving someone’s life. He and the landlord of a
West Garfield Park 2 flat found an unconscious resident on the first floor with no pulse.


That’s when his training as a United States Marine kicked in. He instructed the landlord to call 911, and Cesar started CPR. He began chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation until the Chicago Fire Department arrived, 8 mins later and took over. His quick thinking and training is credited with saving the residents' life. On behalf of Gasworkers Local 18007, a heartfelt thanks goes out to Cesar, proving that Local 18007 members go above and beyond time and time again to protect life and property.



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