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Nicholas Passarelli

Rec. Secretary



Nick Passarelli, a devoted member of Local 18007 since 2014, was hired as a laborer in the Meter Testing and Repair Department. After a few years he was quickly promoted to a Meter Prover Specialist. He was first privileged to serve the Members at the Division Street Shop as Business Agent of UWUA Local 18007 representing Meter Shop employees as well as Operation Apprentices and Project Workers. He strives to pursue any concerns or grievance brought forward by the members with a firm understanding of the locals’ collective bargaining agreement and with strong resolve. 


In 2018 he was promoted to Facilities Maintenance Mechanic. As well as, sworn-in as Trustee on the Locals Executive Board where he spent 3 years continuing to serve the proud brothers and sisters of local 18007. During this time Nick was also a proud member of the PEACE Team where he was able to gain appreciation for the daily safety risk our brothers and sisters face day in and day out. Nick was also honored to represent Local 18007 on the National UWUA Young Worker committee as a committee member, where he helped guide the national with new creative ideas. 

Nick is a Proud third generation union member who was raised in a “blue collar” family and quickly learned the importance of a strong labor union! He was raised and taught to fight for every brother and sister the same, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or creed. In 2023 he was honored to be elected as Recording Secretary where he is proud and more importantly privileged to fight on behalf of the brothers and sisters of Local 18007. Nick was also named to the UWUA National Safey Committee where he plans on continuing to promote Safety on a daily basis. He understands the daily dangers and threats our members face while doing their jobs and will strive to find ways to improve members’ daily working conditions. 

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