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Business Manager

Adrian Dueñas is the Business Manager of the Gas Workers Local 18007 Union. In this role he co-signs, enforces, and settles issues pertaining to contracts and agreements with the Local Union, members, and employer business. Adrian has over 10 years of experience in union leadership having begun his career in 2008 as a Distribution Steward and was appointed to the Executive Board in 2009 as a Trustee. He brings a strong commitment to job security, union growth, workplace safety & veteran assistance.

Prior to his role as Business Manager, Adrian served as the Vice President & Treasurer when he was elected in 2011. Throughout his history here, Adrian has been heavily involved in contract negotiations, membership growth, safety training, and our UMAP Veterans program.
Adrian has been a valuable member of the Negotiation Team, having worked on the 2013 contract and most recently the 2018 contract. With a growing national threat towards Unions, Adrian and his team were able to secure back to back, five-year contracts guaranteeing wage increases and more importantly job security. In addition, the Negotiation Team brought the historically outsourced call center back to Chicago in 2016 and secured a three-year contract in 2018 adding more union jobs to Chicago’s local economy.

Adrian believes union solidarity is a workforce’s most valuable asset, “Nothing is stronger than 1200+ members all pulling in the same direction.” So, despite union growth being challenged across the nation, Local 18007 has seen a 40% increase in membership during Adrian’s tenure as Vice President & Treasurer.

Having been with the company since 1991 (and later becoming a Distribution Crew Leader) Adrian understands the physical toll a labor job can take. That’s why he has a strong commitment to workplace safety and best practice. In 2010 he helped create a union-led safety program, The PEACE Team. Was responsible to oversee and communicate all duties to safety team members, collects and review all peer on peer observation data, and coordinates sub-committees to include trend analysis teams, training teams and media teams. The PEACE Team takes pride in really caring about its members and going home safe at the end of the day. His commitment to workplace safety continued in 2017 when Adrian led the Local 18007 training team to teach all 1200+ members the very first union-led 8-hour class on, Systems of Safety that was well received. Adrian attributes the success of these classes to being union-led. These classes are taught by people who have done and are still doing the work.

Others have agreed, as this class has become the new standard for all other training classes at PGL. In 2017, Adrian was appointed as the outreach and recruitment coordinator for the Utility-Workers Military Assistance Program (UMAP), a union-created, veteran job placement program. In addition, Adrian trains all mentors who assist graduates from Dawson Tech, teaches hazard mapping classes, and has been a part of every graduating class to come from UMAP. He believes that our military veterans deserve a well-paying, secure careers when coming home from serving our country. To date, Adrian has helped train and place over 400 veterans in utility worker jobs. In 2010 he was named Chair of Local 18007 Cope Committee and in 2015 was appointed to the AFL-CIO Illinois Cope Committee. Then in 2011 under Susan Harwood Grant Adrian was selected to become a UWUA National Trainer teaching classes on hazard mapping, systems of safety, mentorship, and train the trainer. Adrian Dueñas plans to continue to fight for benefits, safe working conditions, and job security for all of our Brothers & Sisters. “Strength through Unity”

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