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Vice President

A proud Local 18007 union member in Distribution for 25 years, Arnell Newman has spent the last 15 as a Crew Leader. He has the experience and integrity to effectively represent his fellow union members. Arnell volunteered to become one of the first mentors for our Veterans through the Utility Workers Military Assistance Program, assisting with proper working techniques while keeping safety first. As an advocate for safety throughout his entire career, Arnell again volunteered in the early stages of the PEACE process as an observer, and was later selected to become a Steering Team member. In this capacity, he attended meetings with upper management, resulting in the selection of our improved safety equipment. Better safety equipment improves the chances of making it home safely. As a reflection of his support and dedication, Arnell continues to demonstrate his willingness to step in and take on additional responsibilities as a team player.
Fraternally Yours, Arnell Newman

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