Recording Secretary

I have over 26 years with the company and currently I am a crew leader.  In 1990 I started downtown as a clerk.  Then a year later I became a meter reader at south shop.  I always wanted to serve my country so I enlisted and became an artilleryman in the Army.  I earned an honorable discharge and returned to meter reading. Then immediately afterwards I started in distribution as a laborer. 

Since I have been a meter reader, I had attending union meetings.  I have tried to always be involved.  I was on the picket lines during the strike at south shop and the main office.  I wanted what was best for the membership so I became a Distribution Business Agent and then won an election for the same position.  I am also a member of the Peace Team as an observer. 

I understand that we will face challenges.  With my experience as a Distribution Steward and my work ethic I will make valuable contributions to the well-being of our members and their future.