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Vice President / Treasurer

Donato is currently married and resides in Chicago. He has been a lifelong Chicago resident. Donato is originally from the East Side neighborhood. The East Side had a large industrial corridor containing Steel Mills and other various factories and warehouses. Growing up in a Union household, he understands the meaning of a Union struggle. Having family members locked out at the Wisconsin Steel Works and laid off at other workplaces due to factories closing and moving overseas. He knows the principle of standing up for Union values. Donato graduated high school and then became an employee of Peoples Gas in the summer of 1990. He was hired on as a Clerk at the downtown office that was located at 122 S. Michigan Ave. He then transferred into Meter Reading at South Shop the following year. Donato always wanted to serve his country because he appreciated the opportunities this country offered his Italian immigrant family. While working in the Meter Reading department, Donato took a Leave of absence and enlisted into the US Army as an Artilleryman. Receiving an Honorable Discharge, Donato returned to Meter Reading. Donato transferred into the Distribution Department as a Laborer. Then the Laborer classification changed names to Gas Mechanic. He rose through the Gas Mechanic classification to Gas Mechanic 10. After becoming a Gas Mechanic 10, he had to wait for an opening in the Crew Leader classification. Donato became a Crew Leader in 2014.

Before Donato became a Union Steward in 2010. He volunteered for different initiatives that the Gas Workers Union spearheaded. Always having attended Union meetings, he was offered an opportunity to help the Local in a leaflet campaign to stop the contractors from working and standing up for our membership in the late 90’s. In 2001 during the strike, he was picketing at different locations including the downtown office. Donato successfully worked on the shop floor arguing and winning grievances. In 2016, he then was appointed to a Trustee position on the Local 18007 Executive Board. In 2018 he rose to Recording Secretary. Five years later, Donato is the Vice-President/Treasurer for our Local. Donato has always been fiscally responsible in his personal life and understands the fiduciary obligations that is required of that role.

Donato has been part of our Union safety team (PEACE) for over 10 years. First working as an Observer and now as the PEACE Coordinator for South Shop over the last three years. Understanding the importance of the PEACE team for the Health and Wellbeing of our members. Safety is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the company. Donato is proud in knowing that the PEACE Process is responsible for the decrease in injuries to our members. In Donato’s role as the South Shop PEACE Coordinator, Peoples Gas has had the historical best Safety record three years consecutively. He has been a Hazard Mapping Trainer for nine years. Also, part of Donato’s safety duties, he is responsible for coordinating and training Hazard Mapping to the Trainers and employees of Peoples Gas.

Donato served Honorably in the US Army. Due to his service, he understands the challenges and difficulties that Veterans face on a day-to-day basis. Donato coordinates the Locals patronage to the Midwest Veterans Closet. Delivering the goods that Local 18007 members and PGL employees donate in our Veteran donation boxes companywide, year after year. He participated in the Chicago Veterans Ruck Sack March for the last four years and coordinated a Local team to march. The Chicago Veterans Ruck Sack March has been critical in bringing awareness to the high Veteran suicide rate. Donato has been a recruiter for the Utility Military Assistance Program (UMAP). Donato is one of the trainers at Dawson. He is responsible for our Locals Distribution Safety training program at Dawson Tech. Once the Dawson Veteran graduates the program, Donato is responsible for the Mentor program that covers the Dawson graduate’s internship as a Utility

Worker. Donato is the chair of the Local Veteran Committee. The Committee came up with the idea for plaques at each new shop location to commemorate all the Veterans that had worked at Peoples Gas. Those plaques are placed at each shop with the inauguration of each plaque consisting of a Color Guard and a live rendition of Taps. Donato is the Region Four Committee representative of the UWUA National Veteran Committee lead by our former Business Manager. Donato has helped with the National Veterans Committee agenda across the country. Donato was a guest speaker at the Region Four conference held in Chicago.

Donato has taken part of many community and Church activities in his neighborhood. Also, with his experience in Peoples Gas as a 33-year employee and 13 years performing Union activities and now as Vice-President/Treasurer. He will make valuable contributions to the well-being of our members and their futures.

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