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Sean started his career at Peoples Gas in 1994 as a meter reader, and eventually moved into the Distribution department as a laborer. In his tenure he witnessed firsthand why safety is crucial to our lives. In December 1994 he assisted a family on Chicago’s Northwest Side with a carbon monoxide scare, possibly saving the families lives. Sean eventually moved up the ladder rising to Crew leader at North Shop. Always having a passion for the labor movement and being a devoted union member, Sean was appointed Distribution Steward in 2016. Protecting his fellow union brothers and sisters has always been fulfilling in the fact that everyone deserves a voice and a chance. In 2019 Sean was appointed Chief Steward following a long and powerful career of Jose Reyes (South shop), pivoting his duties across all 3 shops his passion grew. That year was groundbreaking for Local 18007, bringing the training in house for Smith System and Kabota of which Sean is a certified instructor. Along with CDL, Sean finds it rewarding to teach the next generation of Local 18007 members. In early 2020 Sean was appointed by Local 18007 Executive Board to PEACE Team Facilitator. Facing the most challenging times any of us have ever seen in Covid-19, Sean took in stride and got to work. The safety and health of Local 18007 members was placed at the forefront and Sean was tasked with working with shop management in creating the Covid-19 Resource Guide. This guide was instrumental in keeping the members safe providing guidance when dealing with potentially infected customers, to PPE information. Keeping members safe and healthy is now and forever will be the most important role of a PEACE Team member. In mid-2021 Sean’s dedication and hard work got him appointed to Trustee by Local 18007 Executive Board, which is his current role. Taking on challenges and keeping Local 18007 members close to his heart is, and always will be a top priority of Sean’s. Sean has 27 years with Peoples Gas, is married and has a 3 year old son, Michael.

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