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Brothers and Sisters,

I sincerely hope that things are wonderful with you at this moment, and if not, may they begin to be.

The past year and a half have become to be a moral compass on humanity. We have had a major outbreak of disease, an incident that has caused greater racial tensions and an election that has America more divided and not a “more perfect Union”. Some have become so polarized to the issues based on opinions and in some cases, unfounded conspiracies, and refuse to search for facts. We must be more allowing and understanding of others instead of pushing personal opinions on them. HOWEVER, I have faith in the greater good of humanity. I am grateful that through the leadership of this Local, here at this Union, we have maintained respect and peace. We should always do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. I am not being spiritual here, it’s just a fact of reaping and sowing.

Our President Tim Jaroch, has been doing a wonderful job in keeping members of this Local, updated regarding the workings of this local. I enjoy the videos and insights. I hope that you are too. You can also find our videos on our YouTube page. Local18007 is the handle.

We also have a Facebook page where we keep members and the public updated on Union workings and information. Regarding comments, we ask that you remain respectful.

My sister, Antoinette Wheat recently wrote an article about Stewardship and Service. In it she addresses the fact that we are all “acting as stewards and representatives”. This is so true. The Union is not just the elected Board Members at the top, it is us all. When a fellow Brother asks me, what is the Union doing about this or that, I say to them, what are you doing about it? (The answer is below) There are times when we are not aware of a grievance or situation until it gets too serious. More often than not, some know that what is going on is not contractual, and yet continue to partake in the wrong until it affects them. Concerning those issues that are not in the contract or easily understandable, the Union leadership is here to help. But you must also do your part. (The answer) Come to the meetings. Come and observe what are facts and not opinions. Hold us accountable if need be. But also allow for reasonable, sensible, and respectful conversation. I know that you may be upset but becoming overly polarized and angry will not do any good nor resolve a situation.

If you have concerns about what we are doing about the testing situation and you would like to share your thoughts, come to the meeting.

  1. If you have a question concerning our plans to keep contractor out of the houses, come to the meeting.

  2. If you have any questions about the contract, come to the meeting.

If you need anything else, go see your supervisor. Good luck.

In closing, I hope that each one of you remain healthy, safe, and prosperous. Continue to respect each other even if you disagree. I am not perfect, but who among us is. I do however strive to be open and truthful. If I haven’t been, this is my apology. So, my bad.


Truly, respectfully, and fraternally yours,


Jason L Carter

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