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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Board has been hard at work in the new year, starting with the signing of a 3-year extension with the company on our Utility Worker Military Assistance Program. This extension will secure careers for our Men and Women returning from serving our Country.

The Local would like to welcome 22 new Members that have recently been hired in the call center and 6 new hires to our Fleet Department. Welcome all to Gas Workers Local 18007.

The Executive Board has also been able to secure continued promotions for Utility Workers into the Journeyman Classification. Classes are scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. The Local has secured that PowerPoint handouts will be available prior to going to class for all Members to review.

The Union secured additional funds for all members health savings accounts for 2020. Members participating in the family plan will receive an additional $600 in their HSA account while Members participating in single plan will receive an additional $300 in their HSA account.

In continued deliberation with the company the Local has secured more Union led training. Bringing these classes to our Members by our Members has been proven to have a better training session, because of this, Kubota training will now be done by Local 18007 members. Smith System Driving sessions will now be done by Local 18007 members. Our continued success in the CDL class being done by Local 18007 members helped lead the way in securing these additional classes.

Currently the Local is working on 29 active grievances, many of these cases are for vehicle accidents. All members should be diligent when involved in a vehicle accident -notify your leader immediately, take pictures, fill out accident booklet, collect contact information of witnesses, file police report. Following these steps could be helpful in potential grievance regarding a vehicle accident.

2020 will be a big election year for Unions across the country. Elections have consequences with ripple effect that takes years to recover from. No Union Member should be willing to give up rights and benefits that have already been earned by the sacrifices of those who came before us. Our Members should only be voting for candidates who are fighting for your best interest. The Local will be posting endorsements for candidates who represent working families.

Finally, the company recently announced a major reorganization to personal on the corporate side. The impact of upcoming announcements of moves in management has put many employees (nonunion) on edge about their role and future at the company. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement protects every one of our Union Members from ever having to experience that.

Strength through Unity

Adrian Dueñas

Business Manager

Local 18007 Gas Workers Union


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