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Brothers & Sisters,

As president of the Local- myself and business manager Adrian Duenas have been in constant communication with the company about COVID-19 and how to keep our members safe. All training involving large groups at PETC will be suspended until further notice. Tomorrow the shop personnel will be informed about the plan of action from their supervisors in an effort to create social distancing. Working from home of course will not be possible for field employees but we are working with the company to make sure we are reducing your exposure as much as possible and to keep customer contact at a minimum. There will also be DAILY cleaning at each shop location that will meet the CDC recommendations; this process has already been started.

We are still in talks with the company in regards to the call center- we are exploring other options such as the possibility to work from home or have access to work at one of our shops. Please be assured we are working on this and trying to find the best solution that will keep everyone as safe as possible. The facility cleaning has also been started at Aon to meet the CDC recommendations.

While this is uncharted territory for all of our members we want you to know we understand everyone’s concerns and are addressing them. The company has released additional information on Energy Source also- there is a page dedicated to COVID-19 Resources- ways to reduce exposure and answers to some questions. While all questions may not be able to be answered at this time just know that this is highest priority right now and we are navigating this situation as best as we can to make sure we are reducing exposure as much as possible.

We will keep you informed with any new developments as they occur.


President Tim Jaroch

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