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COVID-19 Update 3-23-2020

Brothers and Sisters,

The union board and stewards are getting bombarded with questions about work and COVID-19. Myself and Business Manager Adrian Duenas are on multiple calls with the company every single day discussing this situation and the unprecedented territory that we find ourselves in. The biggest complaint is that our members do not have proper PPE to be able to work in the field. The company has stated several times to us that they have the needed essentials such as gloves, masks and hand sanitizer readily available for our members when we have brought up the essentials our members need in order to do their work. If you do not have the necessities please call your supervisor and make them aware- they should be checking and making sure you have what you need to be able to work- that is what they are there for. If they are not worried about your safety go to shop management and make them aware you cannot do your job if you do not have the proper items-and you will not work if the basics are not being supplied to you to keep you as safe as possible under these circumstances. Everyone needs to keep in mind that we are a utility and work does NOT stop- it is the company’s decision on how to manage the work to make sure our members stay as safe as possible by the recommendations of the CDC. We give our input to the company and give them our suggestions on how to spread out the work- but the bottom line is that is their call to make- not the unions- we are pushing back in every way if we think the members safety is not a priority. We all want to keep ourselves safe along with our families- but please keep in mind we are not the only essential business still working- think about our health care workers, grocery store workers, first responders, law enforcement and many other occupations working. While we are doing everything on our end to try to keep everyone safe and follow the guidelines we have to remember that our work does not stop. We also need everyone to do their part by following the recommendations of the CDC whether they are at work or at home. Safety is at the forefront and we are continuing discussions multiple times a day as situations and circumstances are changing on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. We are doing everything in our power to work with the company regarding the safety of our members, if you still feel like your needs aren’t being met by your supervisors the only other option would be to call HR and voice your complaint. We will continue to keep you updated with any new developments but please be confident that we are fighting for our members every step of the way!


President Tim Jaroch

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