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COVID-19 UPDATE 5-6-2020

Brothers & Sisters,

As I have stated before I want to keep our membership as updated as possible. So with that, I will say that there are 12 confirmed COVID-19 cases within employees of the company- 10 being union members. Union or non-union this virus does not discriminate- we want all employees to stay safe because this effects everyone! All protocol has been followed regarding sanitizing/ cleaning areas after the positive cases were confirmed. It is crucial that you are using the proper PPE, social distancing and sanitary recommendations at all times when at work and at home for the safety of you, your families and everyone around you.

We know that this change was quick and daily life as we knew it changed quickly and it is still evolving daily. It is only normal to want to get back to your normal day to day routine but that is going to be a process and we just ask for your patience because these steps and precautions are for the safety of everyone. The governor released his plan to “Restore Illinois”- you can see that information below.

In closing, I would just like to urge everyone to keep following the CDC Recommendations and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your union steward.


President Tim Jaroch

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