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COVID-19 UPDATE 8-19-2020

Brothers and Sisters,

With the continued threat of Covid-19 and Chicago increasing in positive cases.

The Local has officially requested to the company that all shops should stagger start times.

The request would help all members from coming into work at the same time and would not force our members from being in common areas all at once:

* locker room

*material pick up

*gas pumps

*rest room

*bulletin board

*tool room

*testing station (sens-it)

The request has been officially denied by company leadership.

These are the same leaders that have come out to all shops the last few months handing out empty gestures.

Provided below are links and contact information to agencies that all our members can call if CDC, OSHA, Illinois and City of Chicago Covid-19 guidelines are not being practiced in the workplace.

Adrian Dueñas

Business Manager

Local 18007 Gas Workers Union


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