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Illinois holds the line on Natural Gas

Many states have passed laws to ban natural gas hookups in new building constructions in an effort to reduce the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. Some of these states include New York and San Francisco. Even though Illinois is not one of the states to pass the law, there are 20 other states that have passed “preemption laws”. These laws prohibit those states from banning natural gas. It has been noted that the American Gas Association along with its members were instrumental in encouraging the preemption bills. Gas companies can exist and help with reducing emissions by:

• Advanced pipeline repair and replacement

• Continuing to pursue building upgrades

• Expanding gas utility efficiency programs

• Utilizing high efficiency equipment • Renewable natural gas

• Emission offsets

The number of gas customers is estimated to increase by 25% in the year 2050. With the steps that People’s Gas is taking now, it ensures that customers will continue to have their natural gas needs met, while also allowing us to prepare to meet their future gas needs.

Terrence Ashford

Journeyman Utility Worker

Local 18007 Central Shop Union Steward

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