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Brothers and Sisters,

As we all continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, our Local 18007 members continue to be on the front lines. None of our members have been afforded the luxury of working from home. For the past seven months the Union has been working with the company on COVID-19 related issues. The Union has continuously asked for more PPE for our members, regular cleanings on all work vehicles, shared work spaces in all shops, and to get all COVID-19 related information communicated directly to our members. 

The Local has made multiple proposals to WEC in regards to the new normal of work during this pandemic. The company has denied every effort to show flexibility. Issues such as childcare, hazard pay, work scheduling, start times, PTO carry over, lost time, are just some examples of the push back our members have received during this pandemic.

WEC Senior leadership have sent out multiple communications from the comfort of their homes stating how we are all in this together and continue to ask more and more from our members. We all have to abide by travel orders, mask policy, 6-foot rule policy, quarantine policy, every step of the way our members have responded with class and dignity.

Now WEC leaders are requesting Local 18007 members to sign a pledge to follow CDC guidelines This pledge is NOT MANDATORY none of us are required to sign this and there will be no retaliation from the company if we do not sign this pledge. No management personnel should be implying that you have to sign this pledge, it is 100% voluntary.

Strength through Unity

Adrian Dueñas- Local 18007 Business Manager

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