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Brothers and Sisters,

The local has been out in the field the last few weeks to all the shops getting N95 masks to every one of our members. Unfortunately the company is now hiding behind OSHA requirements to say that these masks were not company-issued. The Union did not wait on the company to get masks to each and every one of our members regardless of their work assignment. When the Union told the company it was our intention to get these masks they were surprised that we were able to get them in stock and get them distributed to all our members. Please use those masks that were issued to you by the Union at home at your leisure do not use them on company property or on the job site. It's very sad that as an employer peoples gas was not able to get a mask to every one of our union members but when the union got them to all our members now they use OSHA as an excuse. What is even worse than all of this is the communication factor, for the last four weeks there has been very poor communication between the company and its union members but on this issue, the company now wants to make sure there will be 100% contact with the members. Brothers and Sisters do not do any job without the proper company issued PPE if you don't have it call your leader immediately.

Protect Life and property, your Life First.

In Solidarity

Local 18007

Executive Board

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