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Keeping The Work In-House

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

On behalf of myself and my board I am happy to report that we have been working diligently with the company on bringing more work back in- house for our union members. Our most recent push was to have local 18007 members take over the Train the Trainer Program which was a success and the company agrees. So far with the company our members teach our own classes on CDL Training & Backhoe Training along with our members being certified to teach the Smith Driving System Class. These are all great accomplishments that we have worked hard towards keeping/ brining in-house that our members are fully capable of doing and not having the company contract out. If anyone is interested in becoming a field instructor please take the initiative and talk to your shop manager.

Just a reminder that our next membership meeting is February 13, 2020 and our national board President Jim Slevin will be in attendance so hopefully I will see you all there.

I just want to close in saying thank you to our members who volunteer in helping our local and what we are trying to achieve.

Fraternally Your President,

Tim Jaroch

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