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Brothers and Sisters,

Happy new year, I hope that this letter finds you all in good spirits. The year 2020 is upon us and the Women and Men campaigning to be our next President, Senator, local state and county official is in full swing. It is our very right to vote. Many have lost their lives fighting for this right to do so. I hope that you are utilizing your right to do so.

Elections have consequence. I am not here to argue about which politician is right and which one is wrong. Nor am I writing this to uplift one side and denigrate the other. What I will speak upon though is that as a Union member, I feel that it is best that we support those who support us. As you may or may not be aware of, Unions are more than just seniority or better wages. We work to keep jobs, to make them safer and to make sure that all members are receiving their fair share. You work hard and you deserve the right to receive that.

I am urging you to seek out your shop steward and give to Cope. Cope is, The Committee On Political Education. What COPE does is allow us to give money for expenditures connected to federal, state and local elections. And with COPE, we back candidates who back us and will represent the interests of our members, their families, and their communities. That’s all that’s simply stating.

Cope can be anything you choose, but IMHO, you wouldn’t go to the dollar store to buy some work boots, would you? I am asking all members to give and support COPE. It is strictly voluntary. But so is overtime, IJS.

Be well, Fraternally yours

Jason L Carter

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