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Local 18007 MOVING FORWARD IN 2020

Dear Brothers & Sisters of Local 18007 UWUA,

2020 is off to a very busy start with a lot of changes in the company, as well as with the opening and closings of shops. This past month the transition from old to new have been underway, North Shop and Rogers Park are no longer operational. As a Trustee for this local and a member of this Executive Board, I’ve seen firsthand the leadership of this local in countless meetings with the management of PGL. I’ve seen the strength of this Board and the business agents fighting day in and day out for better working conditions, better wages and better benefits for ALL. Under the Past executive boards Leadership and the current Board, this local can proudly say it has fought hard to keep this company and its members moving in the right direction. On March 3rd at the new North shop there will be a flag ceremony officially representing the opening of our union shop. But most of all, thanking all of our 18007 members past and present who not only served this company and city, but more importantly this country!

This Executive Board would like to thank every 18007 member for their patience and hard work during this change and transition between shops. This Leadership always reminds this company that without you the members, and this UNION, none of this would be possible!

Lastly, we are seeing many of our senior members moving on to their next chapters of life. It is important that we never forget what this local has been through. Let’s not forget those lessons, it’s up to our senior Members to educate and motivate our new and upcoming brother and sisters. Give back to the union that’s been good to you and families. It’s important to remember the past so WE can grow the future TOGETHER!

Thank you Brothers and Sisters!


Nick Passarelli

Utility Workers union of America/Local 18007 – Trustee

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