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Local 18007 Steward Article

Brothers and Sisters,

As we review our 2020 contract year, we could all agree this was not the norm. We were all faced with all the normal challenges plus the added COVID Pandemic. Because of the work of our 18007 Union Board, our Union Brothers and Sisters, and Peoples Gas Company, we were able to get through this Pandemic. Although it is not over yet, we seem to be getting closer to the end. I know we did not get through 2020 unscathed, but for the most part we had minimal amount of COVID cases. This was mainly due to our 18007 Union Board keeping the pressure on our company to keep us in the proper PPE, and the other big part was our Union Brothers and Sisters working safely. Also, our Union Board was able to keep us all working throughout this pandemic, while many work places laid off their workers. So I would personally like to thank our Union Board, Peoples Gas Co., and all my Union Brothers and Sisters who helped WORK through this pandemic. And remember, it is not quite over, so please continue to work safely.


John Hyland

Vault Department Union Stewart

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