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Brothers & Sisters,

We happen to be living through a historic moment in the course of the labor moment. An Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama has been in the process of trying to unionize. More than 5,800 employees have been issued ballots to vote whether to unionize or not. Amazon hasn't been supportive of this movement, they've displayed deep anti-union behavior, from having mandatory meetings with employees to preach anti-union rhetoric to sending out text messages and mail saying to vote no. They have even gone as far as to lobby the local government to change the timing on the traffic lights by the warehouse so union organizers wouldn't have enough time to talk to employees before they would get to work. Amazon is a multi-billion-dollar corporation, it’s a shame that one of if not the most profitable company in modern times is trying so desperately to deny its workers the dignity they deserve. The union organizers have a tough uphill battle to fight, other that Amazons aggressive anti-union tactics, Alabama is a right to work state. If the Amazon employees and the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) can pull off this win against one of the most profitable corporations it can be the spark that leads to other mass unionization efforts across the country. If we fail in Bessemer, Alabama let’s not get dishearten, this is only the first battle of many to come. "Those in power can kill one, two, or three roses, but they will never be able to kill the coming of spring" -Lula de Silva

Sincerely, Ray Pulido

North shop union steward

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