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Local 18007 Steward Report

“Fellow union brothers and sisters,

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season despite the surge in COVID cases. As we enter the second half of this winter I want to say how thankful and proud I am of all of us for stepping up to the plate and keep our city warm and safe. As gas workers not only did we have to deal with a global pandemic but we work with a hazardous product and harsh weather conditions. No matter the job we’ve all stepped up and do our best. Lately there had been labor movements trying to unionize in major companies like Amazon and Starbucks . Companies like these like to portray themselves as a progressive all inclusive employer but when it comes unionizing they are quick to bring out union busting tactics. The effort in Bessemer Alabama failed due to amazons rigorous anti union tactics and misinformation, the NLRB is reviewing the case to see if Amazon violated any laws. Starbucks employees have started their own movement to unionize and they have a couple victories so far and they continue to push in other stores as well. They might have different profession than us regardless they still have the same struggles we do. They still fight the same fight we do for wages benefits and safe working conditions. These are universal issues all unions strive and fight for, let us give support to their effort their fight is also our

- Sincerely,

Ray Pulido

North shop union steward

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