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Local 18007 & UMAP

As an employee of Peoples Gas for the past five years, I've been given the opportunity to start a second career. After serving 20 years in the armed services, I was able to make the transition to civilian life through a program put in place by Gas Workers Local 18007. This opportunity has allowed me to provide for my family, as well give to those less fortunate. I am currently working towards being a journeyman utility worker, which is an opportunity for me earn more income, and to learn more about the craft.

As a utility worker I'm faced with different challenges daily, but under the tutelage of senior employees I have learned a great deal, and have earned the respect of managers, supervisors and my peers. It's a satisfying experience knowing at the end of the day that you have provided a service, made a small repair to be able to leave family with the peace of mind of knowing they are safe, because you took the time to do more than just the basics. You made a difference, and a small part of world is just a little safer because you cared enough to go the extra mile for another human being. A family can sleep at night, and I made that possible. I would like to thank the local 18007 for opportunity they created, and the workers that have shared their knowledge to help make me successful.

David Broome

Local 18007 Steward

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