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LOCAL18007C -Call Center Update

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

I hope all is well with your respective fields. The Call Center downtown has gone through quite a few changes recently and most of our members are starting to feel comfortable and a little more appreciated than before. The company has heard some of our requests and they followed through.

One subject we brought to management’s attention was the ability to wear jeans to work. For some it may not seem like a big deal but when you really think about it there was a safety issue involved. We expressed to management the need to wear jeans for work. During the winter season most of our member use public transportation for work. The temperatures in Chicago can be very cold and our members wait outside for their transportation. The company ended up approving jeans permanently along with casual wear.

The Union board also expressed concerned over the scheduling. About 15 of our members were working 4X10 shifts and during the last shift bid our members were not happy about that. Our members were working 10 hours shifts 4 days a week not including their lunch breaks and the time it takes to go and come back from work and home. At the end of the day our members had less than 12 hours to be with their families and get ready for the next day. Our members didn’t care about getting the extra off day they just wanted a fair 8 hour work day. After months of grieving this along with a change in management the company approved to remove all 4X10 shifts for the next shift bid. Now that our members were able to bid on their new shifts, a majority of our members were very pleased with their new schedules.

We also were able to reinstate one of our members who had lost her job before the holidays.

The Union filed and won grievances for 2 of our members who were being reprimanded for something that was fault of the company who did a poor job managing an out of control situation.

There are still many things that can be done to enhance the Call Center but we will take the wins we got and continue to fight for our members.


Alberto Aguilera Jr

Union Steward

Call Center

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