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May 2022 Steward Article


The definition of brotherhood is the relationship between brothers. It is extremely short

but the implication of what brotherhood means is enormous. To me the meaning of it is so much deeper than what the actual definition is. Being a veteran, you learn so much more of what a true brotherhood is, but you also learn what it should actually look like. You learn that it is no longer about you, that you will sometimes have to put the needs of others before your own. You learn the discipline and integrity to always uphold what is right even if sometimes you do not agree with it. You learn comradery and fellowship with a stranger and by the time boot camp is over you have just forged a bond for life.

A Union is the same way, its built of a brotherhood of individuals that have formed an alliance to one another to get the job done. They understand that they must work together to get what they want, they learn that unity goes far beyond solidarity. Our co workers end up becoming peers, friends and then brothers and sisters the longer we work together. Having a foundational relationship built on trust knowing that the person next to you will always have your back no matter the job situation. No matter the race, color, or religion of that person we are operating as one unit performing different job task. Our voice echoes louder and our actions speak volumes if we can unite as one body and move and operate as a rhythmic body.

This is just some insight on how strong our bond should be in order for us to join together as one unit to make positive change. This change is not just for us but for the future of those that are coming up behind us. Let us not forget that we must hold each other up if one of our brothers or sisters falls behind. We dust each other off and continue to move forward as one unit, always one unit. So, brothers and sisters let us become one…


Daniel Bonilla

Central Shop

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