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Our message to you

Sisters and Brother of Local 18007,  

On behalf of The Executive Board, we want to express our sincere gratitude for electing us to be your representatives. We want everyone to know that we have hit the ground running, and we are here for every member of The family. Local 18007, Local 18007C, Osmose and Aqua water. Our loyalty to all our brothers and Sisters is unwavering.   

We ran on Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, Solidarity, and Inclusion. These are the core values of a Successful Union. We stand strong on these platforms and will exemplify this every day we are in the office. No member should feel un-informed or misled about the inner workings of their Union. As a member, you should expect your leaders to exemplify a code of Moral Values and act in a manner that should make you proud. It should not matter who you are, you should always feel part of your Union.  

Together, we can stand against unjust actions and face any challenges together. I want to make this very clear, if a situation should arise and you need to express your grievance, we are and always will be here for you.  

Since taking office on November 1st, we have been very busy on several fronts, and we are making a lot of headway.  

               We have been implementing new best practices for financial responsibility, which the local was deficient in.  

               We are actively participating in the rate case and have met with the company on electrification issues on multiple occasions.  We have also met with Mayor Johnson’s Chief of Staff, Speaker of the House Chris Welch, multiple Alder-persons and are actively pursuing a meeting with Governor Pritzker to voice our opinions on Electrification and the ICC rate case. We will continue to meet with them to ensure that our members’ voices are heard. 

As we continue to provide transparency and inclusiveness, please keep in mind that we are at it every day doing what we were elected to do. We will continue to serve the members, enforce and protect the sanctity of the contract, and make sure every member is treated fairly.  

Future communications will be posted in a timely fashion, and we will utilize this website along with social media and our local union boards at the shops to continually communicate our progress to the membership. We ask that you would please bear with us along the way as we navigate these waters.

Once again, we want to thank you for your vote of confidence, and we encourage everyone to attend our next membership meeting on January 12th for further information.  

Fraternally yours,   

Jason L Carter  


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