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Strength In UNITY!

Hello Union 18007 Brothers and Sisters,

I know working for Peoples Gas we are all familiar with the term near miss. But recently our whole Country just lived through one. What I am referring to is the almost strike of the Freight Railroad Union. There were tens of thousands of union railroad workers ready to strike over poor working conditions, poor wage increases, and many other concerns. If this strike would have occurred the United States supply chain would have been crippled. The danger of this strike was so close it even got the attention of our government. President Biden even sent representatives to help with the negotiations. It took many hours but on 9/14/22 both sides reached a tentative agreement which met many of the Unions concerns. Now this is just a tentative agreement so it still has to be voted on by the members. But it is very promising. We should be hopeful because a strike would affect almost everyone. Not only would this have been an inconvenience for some of the travelers. It would also affect the distribution of many of the supplies to the stores causing an increase of cost of many of the things we buy. Any prolong strike could cost Americans billions.

I know many of the United States Union work force work in different fields of work. All Unions strive for a safe working condition while receiving a reasonable rate of pay. So a win for one union is a win for all unions!!

Stay Union Strong,

John Hyland,

Vault Department Union Steward

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