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Dear Local 18007 Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. My name is Sean Gaurige. On March 2nd I was asked to become the interim Peace Team facilitator. In my current role as Crew Leader in addition to chief steward, I took on this responsibility because I love our union. Being the facilitator and chief steward, I've been in high level discussions and meetings most of which are directly related to Covid-19. In these meetings I've noticed one thing, our union boards passion. There has been many difficult, sometimes aggravating discussions and our board has never wavered. Now more than ever brothers and sisters we must remain unified. The Covid-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise from supply shortages, to our economy. Everyone has felt the impact of this horrible disease. Stay strong brothers and sisters and remember that we are very fortunate. There are many people who are out of work or had their hours cut. Ours have remained unchanged. Never forget that we as Local 18007 members have a job to do. We provide an essential product to homes, hospitals, police and fire stations during this global crisis. Never forget that you have a union board and stewards that have your back no matter what. Stay safe brothers and sisters. God bless.

In unity

Sean Gaurige

Chief steward North Distribution

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