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I recently came across an article that was published from Baylor University titled “Supervisors Driven By Bottom Line fail To Get Top Performance From Employees”. (Link Below) In the article, they did a study and concluded that the Bottom-Line Mentality of Supervisors can lead to loss of employee respect and loyalty. It also stated that “supervisors who focus only on profits to the exclusion of caring about things such as employee well being, or other ethical concerns could be detrimental to employees”.

This made me reflect on how things have changed in the last few years here. I have seen where the supervisory position came from among the workforce. Those that applied where seasoned employees and knew their crafts well. Now, this is no knock on the supervisors here at the company at all. The study also stated that many of the employees that were questioned had nothing but nice things to say about their supervisors. It’s just that the bottom-line mentality, seems to override what would ordinarily

be a simple task. And I agree.

Your Union is aware of this. We see the frustration that it causes, and we hear about it as well. There aren’t enough bodies to do the work or my favorite one, there is this 45-50% split in the workforce that must be in construction and the other in O&M. This alone has caused so much strife in unity. We are still one company. The Union reminds the company of this often.

My advice to you, STAND STRONG Sisters and Brothers. I encourage you to. Although it’s frustrating, you are the backbone of this company. You have been for over 150 years. It’s in your blood to protect and to be on the front line of emergencies and service. No one else is going into the conditions that you, (we) must go through to get the job done. Even though there is a bottom-line mentality among the upper management, keep your head up and be proud. From those who go inside and perform ISI and cutoffs, to those who stop hits to company pipelines. From the wild 100’s and beyond South and the Avenues East. And from O’Hare North and Midway West, you are the ones that keep the furnaces warm and water hot. We will rise above the bottom-line mentality and we will press on together. Be resilient and strong. And more importantly, help your fellow Union Sister and Brother. Do not throw them to the wolves for some points. IF you see them struggling, give them a hand. You yourself once needed help. Once again, Stand Strong.

In Solidarity,

fraternally yours

Jason Carter - Sr Trustee Local 18007

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