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UPDATE 5-17-2020

Brothers and Sisters,

We had a successful day with the N-95 mask pickup- we plan on having another pickup in a few weeks so I will keep everyone updated!

On another note, I wanted to update everyone with information we received from WEC in regards to the 80 hours of pay available in case there were issues with child care/ day care. We have received confirmation that as of June 1st this benefit will no longer be available, the board does not support this decision because we know this will possibly be an issue for some of our members but WEC is stopping that benefit across all the companies not just PGL. We have pushed back on this issue but it is not PGL leadership making the decision.

To date, within our union membership we have 11 positive cases and we are working daily to make sure our members have the proper PPE so that the number doesn’t rise! While there are reports that the city could be moving to Phase 3 in a few weeks we would like everyone to keep in mind that it will be a while before we go back to work the way we used to know it! This is a process for everyone because none of us have been thru this before, but just know that your safety is always at the forefront of every single conversation we have!

Everyone stay safe and remember social distancing is key along with wearing proper PPE!

In Unity,

President Tim Jaroch

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