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Veterans Day Drive

This year’s Veteran’s Drive was another success! I would like to thank everyone that took part and helped- Adrian Duenas, Don Iocco, Arnell Newman and the entire Local 18007 executive board along with our veterans at the shops that helped us deliver the donations: Suleima Hamad, Daniel Hubbard, Luis Oseguero, Christian Peralta, Daniel Smiljanich and Christian Alicea.

I would also like to thank Charlie Graham & Sal Arana for the support on the company side along with Amanda Maali who took the lead and helped coordinate with the shops to make sure flyers were hung, donation boxes were out and that everything was taken care of behind the scenes.

Midwest Veteran’s Closet was beyond appreciative and so thankful for the donations that we were able to provide to them especially with the cold weather and holidays coming.

Thank you to everyone who donated- no matter how big or small- the donations that we were able to provide will help so many veterans and their families.

Most importantly- I would like to say thank you to our veterans who have served this country and fought for the freedom we have today. “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude”.

Fraternally, President Tim Jaroch



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