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Common Courtesy and Injuries

Sisters and Brothers,

Union leadership is aware of the situation that occurred on April 17th, 2024. We want to address it and our stance on the matter.

  • No employee deserves to be treated unprofessionally. This includes being spoken to harshly in front of others. It's demoralizing and counterproductive.

Fairness and Communication:

  • We understand the need to manage overtime, but concerns exist about its fairness and distribution. Let's work together for a transparent system.

  • We question the use of contractors for tasks our skilled workforce can handle. We should be given the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Work Schedules and Morale:

  • The recent shift to an 8 AM start for most employees seems linked to the ICC ruling. While customer service is paramount, having over ninety percent of the workforce start at Eight AM can be disruptive and lead to lower morale. We should be able to reasonably discuss options that benefit us and the company productively.


Safety and Employee Retention:

  • Injuries are unfortunately on the rise. We believe this correlates with the recent decline in employee morale. When employees are valued and engaged, safety improves. This is especially concerning considering the high injury rates in the past (1990s-early 2000s).

  • We're losing valuable members. Let's work together to understand why and create a workplace that inspires people to stay.

Moving Forward:

  • We encourage you to remain positive and focus on your excellent work. You are the backbone of this company.

  • If you're feeling stressed, don't hesitate to reach out to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or a trusted colleague. We're exploring ways to offer more support for those facing challenges.

  • We believe Human Resources should be a true resource for employees. A happy and valued workforce leads to a successful company.

This point must be stressed, last year, with a more relaxed atmosphere, our injury rate was at an all-time low. However, since the ICC ruling, there has been a noticeable increase in injuries. This correlation cannot be ignored.

We encourage you to find the strength that is within you to carry on. To know that you are the backbone of this wonderful company and membership.

lastly, we will continue to fight for your rights and a better work environment. Stay strong, and together, we can make a positive change.

In Solidarity,


Your Union Leadership

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